Pueblo Unido PDX

Since 2017, Pueblo Unido PDX has focused on helping immigrants get connected with legal representation in the Pacific Northwest.


During my two years as a volunteer for the non-profit, I rebranded the organization. The logo was reimagined, brand guideliness were set in place, and Pueblo Unido's website was created from the ground up.

In order to begin the rebranding process, I started by created a fresh new logo for Pueblo Unido.


The new logo takes inspiration from the image of Mt. Hood and the Rockwood neighborhood of Portland, and a colorful gradient represents the beautiful diversity of the people of the United States.

Pueblo Unido original and new logos

Before developing the website, social media assets, and newsletter templates, I crafted a simple set of brand guidelines for the organization to follow.


The brand guidelines reverberated into social media, the website, and all future communications from Pueblo Unido PDX — creating a consistent look and feel across all the major marketing touchpoints.

Pueblo Unido flyer for potential clients

I volunteered to create a website for Pueblo Unido PDX, based on these brand guidelines.


The process began with an intake meeting between myself and the various stakeholders of Pueblo Unido PDX, such as the executive director, board members, and other volunteers.


We discussed what the website would need, and what the major calls to actions for users of the website would be.


From there, I generated a visual 'comp' of the website. Once that comp was approved, I coded the website by hand using HTML+CSS.

Pueblo Unido Anniversary Gala landing page comp

Once the website was created, I began using the newly crafted brand guidelines to create compelling imagery for social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


In addition to creating these campaigns, I also worked on monthly newsletters and critical updates from the organization, sent to 700+ users via MailChimp.

Various social media and newsletter designs
Circles and Dots

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